Lost circulation is the partial or complete loss of drilling fluid and/or cement slurry to the formation during drilling or cementing operations or both. This can be brought on by natural or induced causes. Natural causes include situations such as naturally fractured formations or unconsolidated zones. Induced losses occur when the hydrostatic fluid column pressure exceeds the fracture gradient of the formation and the formation pores break down enough to receive rather than resist the fluid. When lost circulation occurs, it can provoke new requirements of time and mud or cement – and add substantially to the overall cost of a well.
Gulf Operations’ LossCure® is a cross-linking polymer designed to cure loss of circulation. LossCure® can be controlled over a wide range of temperatures, between 50°F and 300°F.
  • Functions across a wide range of temperatures, 50°- 300°F.
  • Ultimate compressive strength: ± 11,000 psi.
  • Suitable for any downhole conditions, including HPHT, CO2 and H2S.
  • Density Controllable, can be weighted to 20 lb/gal.
  • Does Not Bio-Degrade.

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