Research & Development

R esearch is a critical thrust area for us because it is the foundation upon which our strategy to create new and innovative products and add features to old products. As a result of our efforts in research and development we have been successful in developing and introducing quality products faster than our competitors. We have built up a sophisticated R&D facility equipped with high tech equipment and facilities. Our R&D is a highly experienced multidisciplinary team.
G OC’s research and development efforts are focused on solving real‐world drilling and wellbore stabilizing problems for our customers. We tailor the solution to the challenges presented and work side by side with our customers to ensure our products and services meet their needs.

Ongoing Developments

GOC keeps building its expertise through extensive R&D programs in cooperation with universities, research centers, field operators and chemical manufactures. The most recent GOC outcomes concern the development of EOR polymer for Arabian Gulf reservoirs (high temperature reservoirs) and the development of an innovating generation of liner systems to maximize the performance and reliability of downhole tubulars.

Gulf Operations, where challenge is innovation.

Service provider of innovative solutions to the upstream petroleum industry.
Our vision not just to be an innovation energy service company. But, more important, to contribute to the future growth aspiration in Libya and in the whole region.

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